Manish Marwah on stock investment

Meet Our Leader

Manish Marwah is the principal partner in Sapphire Consulting Group(SCG), one of India's leading strategic advisory and management consulting firms. Manish Marwah is an ACA, ACS, AICWA with a vast knowledge in strategic business and management consulting. He is also trustee of a National Development Organization working for underprivileged children and youth through more than 110 initiatives under education, healthcare, livelihood and advocacy programmes across 21 states of India. In a career spanning over two decade in strategic advisory and management consulting, Manish Marwah, a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and a Cost Accountant has helped identify some of the most unique companies with innovative business models, and unlocked their true potential through mentoring, resource mobilization, capacity building and by exposing them to the best management practices across the world.

To ensure a careful selection of clients and, thereafter, to bring about the right metamorphosis in his portfolio clients,  adopts a prudent top-down approach: he starts by analyzing and comprehending the macro economic environment, global economies, market trends and policy trends, then goes on to identify emerging sectors and industries that are poised to take off and benefit from the lucrative global business environment. As the next step, he identifies unique companies within these sectors or spaces. This approach allows him to map companies implementing novel business ideas or concepts, who have a substantial presence in their respective sectors, who have the potential to scale up rapidly who are driven by an aggressive management team which will take them on an upward growth odyssey, who are rooted firmly in deep values and who are committed to generating superior returns for all their stakeholders.

Manish Marwah's longstanding experience in the industry has given him a global perspective, multi- disciplinary domain understanding, along with strong vertical knowledge and business process expertise. This, coupled with his ability to embark on rigorous competitor mapping, helps him understand the specific requirements of each of his clients, share a clear and rational perspective and provide a strategic direction to his portfolio companies. This, in turn, helps the companies to develop and assess strategies and evolve solutions that can counter the most complex issues faced by them and, thereby, sustain themselves in the toughest of business environments.

With his consultancy services in critical areas such as Management Buy-Outs (MBOs), Leveraged Buy-Outs (LBOs), and other structured financial deals, he has assisted many mid and large sized companies define their strategic priorities, align their business practices and achieve market leadership well ahead of their peers. Till date, he has assisted clients across diverse verticals industries.


While consulting, he realised that the single biggest obstacle facing many mid-sized companies was resource constraint. Led by his passion to unlock the intrinsic value of corporates, Manish Marwah coupled his mentoring services initiated through the private equity route investment, - a step forward in his ultimate objective to support and encourage forward-thinking & different business models and empower entrepreneurs with a long-term vision.

Manish Marwah is also actively encouraging and mentoring training and assessment service- led companies as he believes that with human capital being the single most vital component driving organizational excellence, training and assessment companies will be playing a critical role in the forward journey.

With his expertise and experience in management consultancy, is well-positioned to identify companies with a unique business proposition and a focused growth strategy. Leveraging his understanding of such companies, particularly those at a nascent phase of their growth trajectory, placed in niche business spaces and driven by aggressive and future-centric management bandwidth, he not only provides them with guidance on management but also provides them the much needed financial resources to help them leapfrog to the next level of growth. Through this strategic investments in emerging companies, he has helped many companies unlock their true potential.